What’s Right in Gaming

CTA brings inspiration innovation to gaming accessories.

I hear a lot about what is wrong with video games: they are too violent, they atrophy social skills, they are addictive, they rot your brain, they ruin everyone’s life, blah, blah, blah. To be honest, I think these opinions are more of the same thing I get everywhere else in the “news.” All I ever hear when I listen to the news is what is wrong with the world. Well how about what is right with the world? Let’s start here.

I walk into E3 with the objective of seeing, learning and testing as much as possible. The first booth I happen upon is CTA (a company who makes accessories for console game systems). They have a new product that is an inflatable race car for Wii racing games. I immediately stopped and thought, “How cool is that!” From there the whole experience just kept getting better. I noticed there was a kid sitting in one of their demonstration models and didn’t think much of it. I started talking with one of the exhibitor’s who explained that the kid racing in their new product was an actual go-kart champion! Then I find out that he is promoting the product while simultaneously drawing attention his own charity campaign Racing For A Cause. Then I get introduced to his mom who is there with him supporting his efforts. I end up watching Ricky and his mom play a round of Mario kart with the inflatable carts. I had an even bigger smile than when I walked in (as an aside, I really didn’t think that was possible).

Ricky schools his mom on the Wii controller... and then in how to win

So let’s recap here: A kid with an altruistic cause that has an active outdoor activity in his life is promoting a video game console accessory because he loves and plays video games regularly, a video game system that gives people an opportunity to enjoy what they love even longer in life than previously possible, and a video game console company dedicated to working with the new parts of the gaming community and their needs. Hmmm… perhaps video games are not an evil of modern society as they have been previously presented. I see charity (not a synonym for violence), innovation (as opposed to brain rot), interest in the societal causes (not indicative of atrophied social skills) and people enjoying one of many favored life activities (juxtaposed to addictive and ruined-life behavior).

Don’t tell me what’s wrong with video games. I am not having it. I can see what is right with video games.

To check out CTA and what they have to offer: www.ctadigital.com

To check out Racing For A Cause: www.springerracing.com


2 responses to “What’s Right in Gaming

  1. Hi – thanks for covering us and your perspective was offered beautifully – we’ll add this quote on whats right in gaming on our facebook page as well!

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