Twisted Metal!!!

Where is the excitement about this game? I would think with it being an old school game series that there would be some excitement coming from the gaming old school elitists, or something. I found the demo of this game fun as hell and Sony certainly thought it was a big deal with the way they announced it in their press conference. Sweet-tooth and Dollface have a special place in my heart and I love the way theme is done artistically. To use Sony’s words, “No other title has Twisted Metal’s perfect mix of dark humor and personality along with massive destruction in a distinctive atmosphere and vehicles and weapons that act as extensions of each character.”

This game has lots of what I like in a video game… compelling online play, lots of stuff exploding, not to difficult vehicle navigation and a dark (and slightly maniacal) artistic theme. The only thing I can think of that it doesn’t have is lots of monsters and blood-spatter (my other two favorite game components). But hey, those don’t really fit into the game so well. I am most excited about the online play. You are arranged as a “disciple” of one of four factions each based on a classic Twisted Metal character (i.e.. Sweet-tooth) playing with up to 16 people using strategy to bring destruction to the other faction’s leader. They have introduced flight to the game play, so you can be in a helicopter that has a magnet to pick up other player’s or environment cars.

I particularly enjoyed that the vehicle I used when playing, the semi/tow-truck, had the capacity to pick up cars sitting around and hurl them at opposing players. Also, the part where you sacrifice either Sweet-tooth or Dollface to the rocket launcher appeals to me. I am quite sure at this point I have qualified myself as the gaming version of Dexter but whatever. All I am saying is LETS GET EXCITED ABOUT THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!


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