Welcome Back Old E3

by Angie Quidim

Another E3 has come and gone but this one has left an air of excitement awaiting the next show that was announced to be next year June 15th tot he 17th 2010.  What made this E3 work and the other formats fail?  There are a number of factor’s missing from the “e3 media and business summit that made it stale and almost lifeless.  During those times it was rush here and rush from one meeting to another.  There was a whole lot of complaining but everyone was segregated.  The fun zones of the show floor being in the hanger of the first media summit was far.  No chances for people to just sit and chat about the games; there was no camaraderie.  Bringing it back to the LA convention center and also shrinking the size without the lights and the big displays took the spirit of gaming away.  E3  was a spectacle to be admired and to be celebrated by all walks of life.  People are willing to pay to get it.  It has nothing to do with the free swag although that definitely does help.  Going with a bunch of friends to see the spectacle that is E3 and share experiences.


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