E3 Wrapup

By Mario Garcia

Well E3 had gone again and it was awesome. Day 2 was great as i was able to get some hands on with left4dead 2. Saw some game play from Aliens VS Predator whic looks like it will be bringing the franchisee back in all its former glory and more. Discovered a couple of sleeper titles such as a space shooter by Abyss Lights and sound from the Ukraine as a fe new offerings fromGaers first who brought great free to play games like war rock. Also looked at some new hardware. A keyboard interface glove from Peregrine systems and some if the new Fatality hardware from Creative. A little Gamer Grub which we will be reviewing soon to keep my strength up. Plus a few more fun titles . I will be posting more new and great previews from some of the games we saw at E3 2009 and i may eve look at a few console games.


One response to “E3 Wrapup

  1. Mario,

    If you would like to learn more about the Peregrine, please read my post about it. I am a tester for this device and would like to answer any of your questions about it.

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