E3 Day 1 er.. 3

E3 is definitely back in its former glory. My first day was spent scouring the west hall found quite a few PC gems that i am now looking forward to.

THQ had a few games that looked very promising however Warhammer 40K Space marine is set to be console only. Red Faction guerrilla warfare will be for console and PC and looks like alot of fun with backpacks for power ups and destructible environments it will be a fast paced exciting shooter.

Activision had a limited number of PC titles however Wolfenstein and Singularity are looking ver promising.

SOE was also showing a few nice PC titles though mostly in the MMO arena Free Realms looks like it can be an entertaining game for the whole family and using micro-transactions allow the player to decide how much they want to spend.

Runic had a new Action RPG called Torchlight which while still in development felt like alot of fun. The semi cartoony look of the characters gave it a nice lighthearted feel while still having in depth inventory and item system. they are also promising an MMO based on the same world so we’ll be awating more information about that.

Bethesda’s rouge warrior is a stealh action combat game based in the cold war era. The game is based on real life navy seal Dick Marcinko and voiced by Mickey Rourke. The game allows you to play either stealthy or run and gun. The knife kill animations are great and are realistic to make you wince and cheer at the same time.

Whew like i sid day 1 was great and stay tuned for day 2 the south hall

– Mario Garcia


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