West Hall Blues

by Angie Quidim, John Burrell Jr.

We’re in the media center right now waiting for E3 to open the   floors.  The doors open at 12 noon so I hope I get enough time to do my appointments.  When I made my way to the West Hall it was kinda bland; there was not much color to the halls.  Maybe TME had arrived too early.  Still there was no real excitement. We haven’t hit South Hall yet but the lack of colorful banners and the revelrie of days past makes me very sad.  I hope when the doors finally do open I can change my opinion.  The news I hear from Nintendo is exciting. New games from two of Nintendo’s  big guns Metroid and Mario will be coming out so I guess that’s something, but for the most part nothing else around to keep the attention through the extended wait. What used to be a 10 am floor opening is now a 12 pm floor opening, freaking ridiculous. We have an appointment scheduled the moment the floor opens which will hopefully allow us enough free time to hit up a decent chunk of the floor exhibits before our next appointment. Hopefully it all works out from  here on out.


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