Somthing Old Something New Something at E3 2009?

By Angie Quidim

Another year another dollar in the gaming industry.  The questions are als follows 1) E3 is back but how good is it going to be? 2) How is the (swine flu) H1N1 affecting it? 3) Do we hear a ton of sequels and prequels or some fresh product going to come our way?

To answer these questions we did some research.  Alot of the Japanese companies have backed out last minute to the viral craze of H1N1 virus spreading across most of Southern California so we will see limited presences from Square, Konami, and Capcom but there will be a little something for the fans.  Kojima’s next project will be confirmed as well as playable verisons of Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter 3 are expected.

Some sequels and prequels.  Sony is expected to announce an improved PSP including a sliding touch screen with only downloadable games (no UMD disc) as well as expanded PSN offerings.  No price cut for PS3 is expected, but I think it more likely the slimmer model is announced at the same current price of $399 and with a price cut of $100 closer to the holiday season.  We of course cannot forget another Mario and Sonic game for Nintendo.

Sega will be previewing their Mario Vs. Sonic Winter Olypmics for the Wii.

Nintendo will have a sequel to their hit peripheral Wii Fit.  SThere is much more so stay tuned for more E3 news and Coverage.


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