Welcome to the New (OLD) E3!


By Angie Quidim

Yes Folks!  The New (Old) E3 has returned to the LA Convention Center.  How hot is it?  How exclusive is it?  It so exclusive that even media from the past two years (when it was really exclusive)  didn’t get in as media this year!  Never fear because we will be there bringing you the E3 that people see and some special surprises as well.    The game hustle and bustle will be back in its old format from glamorous booths to tastefully dressed booth representatives.  Is it gonna be as good as it was. 

The E3 site boasts the usual big three console companies with a sizable presence and several new indpendant publishers as well.  Konami, Square Enix and Majesco all show their support and as usual Activision/Blizzard have declined their invitation. (Who blames them.. they don;t need the ESA to make money,,,)  Overall the lineup seems decent.  Video Games Live will be performing at the Greek Theatre..Stay tuned and find out!




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